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Success by Design!

Raffles Design International, Mumbai was established in the year 2004. It is conveniently located at Santacruz West in suburban Mumbai. The 3 years BA (Hons) courses offered are: Graphic Design, Digital Media Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Management & Communication in India. Raffles Design International aims to produce talented and skilled graduates who will shape the future of design and business related disciplines. Raffles Design has produced more than 400 award winning designers over the last 20 years. At our facilities students will not only be able to gain exposure to international creative and business environments, they will also gain hands-on practical experience. Students can transfer or further their study if they wish at any of our schools or universities which have articulation agreement with us. Our entire school network follows the same academic calendar ensuring no study time is lost when transferring and all prior subjects successfully completed will be recognized. The medium of instruction is English and our curriculum is truly international. As part of their design training, the students perform internships at respectable companies and will also be able to develop a substantial work portfolio for themselves that will help them in building their careers.

The following Degree courses are available at Raffles Design International,
first international design college in Mumbai India:

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Minimum 18 years old and have completed 12th Grade / A levels - Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). A portfolio is necessary.

English Language Proficiency

Have you got?

  1. TOEFL - minimum 550* (paper based) or
  2. 213*(computer based);
  3. IELTS - minimum 6.0*;
  4. GCE 'O' Level English - minimum C6;
  5. High School English Pass grade (minimum) in an English medium school.

* Test result achieved not more than 2 years ago.

If YES, you are exempted from the English program at RafflesDesign Institute. Please provide evidence / proof of your achievements to the Admissions Department. If NO, you must take an English Placement test with us. The only other way to achieve an exemption is to score 85% or above on our placement test, and satisfy our spoken and written English requirements.


Suburbs Bandra
Lodging (Single room) 8,000/- 7,000/- 7,000/- 5,000/-
Boarding 10,000/- 10,000/- 10,000/- 8,000/-

Our admissions department will help you locate the right accommodation to suit your needs for a perfect stay.


Mumbai, previously known as Bombay is located on India's central-western coast along the Arabian Sea and is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. It has also been nicknamed as the commercial of capital of India and is also an important seaport. It is home to the Hindi film industry popularly referred to as ‘Bollywood”.
The principal part of the city is concentrated at the southern claw-shaped end of the island. The southernmost peninsula is known as Colaba and this is where most travellers gravitate, since it has a decent range of hotels and restaurants and two of the city's best landmarks, the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel. Directly north of Colaba is the area known as the Fort, since this is where the old British fort once stood. Further west is Marine Drive, which sweeps around Back Bay, connecting the high-rise modern business centre with Girgaon Chowpatty Beach. To the north are the suburbs of Greater Mumbai. Here you will find the two airports, the international airport at Sahar and the domestic airport at Santacruz. Like a giant magnet, Mumbai draws people from all walks of life - traders and artisans, musicians and movie stars, peasants and industrialists, entrepreneurs and executives, students and dropouts. Mumbai is like little bits of India all rolled into one sprawling city. Mumbai also has excellent restaurants and shopping areas.


The climate of Mumbai is temperate with the summers warm and winters cool. In May, the hottest of the warm summer months, temperatures hover between 27° Celsius (81°F) and 34° Celsius (92° F). The summer heat gives way to the monsoon, when the southwest monsoon winds unleash their laden fury on the city. The average rainfall is 217 cm. The winter months from November to February are balmy and cool with day temperatures averaging a comfortable 19° Celsius (67° F).


Auto-rickshaws: Three wheelers are available only in the suburbs; they are metered, with a farecard.
Taxis: The best travel options are Regular Taxis. They are black and yellow and have a meter - but remember, you pay the rate as per the Fare card. AC Taxis or ‘Cool Cabs’, are distinguished by their blue colour. Buses: Single and Double decker busses are an inexpensive mode of transport. They tend to get over crowded at peak hours.
Rail: The Western Railway line plies from Churchgate and the Central and Harbour line plies from Victoria Terminus (now CST). Tickets are available at the railway booking counters. Trains are non A/C, have Ist and IInd classes and separate compartment for ladies.
Money: The Indian Rupee, which is equivalent to 100 paise. Approx. value: US $ 1 = Approx. INR.64 Brit. £ 1 = Approx. INR 82.